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Here’s a Guide to Find the Best Gynecologist in Phoenix that’s Right for You

Yes, wise women ask wise questions! Choosing the best gynecologist, or the best gyn for short, can take a little time and research, but lucky for you we’ve laid out the steps for you here on how to choose the best gynecologist near me:

1. Who do the women that you trust the most trust with their gynecological care?

When seeking the best person for the job, we also ask around to see who other people recommend and refer. It’s a great starting point. A recommendation means that someone else has had an experience with that professional and was satisfied with the services received.

Finding the best Gyn Physician may be as simple as asking your closest friend a family member. Also, consider who your primary care physician refers you too as well.  This should provide you with a list of gynecologists for you to start researching based on your specific needs.

2. What are your needs?

  • Ask yourself a few questions, what is the primary reason you seek an OBGYN?
  • Are you trying to get pregnant?
  • Are you trying to prevent a pregnancy?
  • Did you just get your period for the first time?
  • Are your concerned about a sexually transmitted disease or how to prevent getting one?
  • Are you experiencing pain, discomfort, more than usual bleeding or no period?
  • A sudden increase or decrease in weight?
  • More acne?
  • Are you experiencing menopause symptoms?
  • Are you at high risk for certain diseases?

There is a plethora of questions to ask yourself depending on the area of life you are at. An OBGYN and patient relationship is meant to be long term, hence the “generational care” provided at North Valley Women’s Care. It is imperative that you feel comfortable and confident with the care you receive from your gynecologist.

Each woman comes with her own set of specific needs. At your first appointment with the provider it’s OK to put them on interview to make sure the relationship is the right match for you and your specific care.

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Check to see if the OBGYN Phoenix accepts your insurance

Many insurance websites will list who is in network and who is out of network. This will give you an idea of what you may have to pay out of pocket for each visit. Living in the state of Arizona, if you do not have private insurance through an employer, you are eligible to get the state provided insurance, AHCCCS. Check to make sure the OBGYN you chose accepts the insurance you have. You can always call the OBGYN as well and they can check with your insurance as well.

North Valley Women’s Care accepts most private insurance as well as the state insurance, AHCCCS.

Is the OBGYN located near you?

Location is everything and convenience is key. Especially if you plan to make frequent trips to see your OBGYN, such as in pregnancy, it’s a big plus when they are nearby. Another perk to an OBGYN that’s close to you and your other providers, is that the care is local and convenient, especially if you need to be seen at the local hospital.

North Valley Women’s Care serves the following areas, though are not limited to these areas:

  • Glendale
  • Peoria
  • Goodyear
  • Litchfield Park
  • Scottsdale
  • Buckeye
  • Phoenix
  • Northwest Valley

The providers at North Valley Women’s Care prefer to offer co-management care with their patient’s clinical team to keep services local and convenient for the patient as well.

Still have more questions on how to find the best gynecologist near you?

Give us a call. We are happy to answer all the questions you have and help you on your journey!


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